All That You Need to Know About Port Melbourne Historical and Conservation Society

Port Melbourne is an upscale coastal suburb, which is located southwest of the Melbourne central business district. You will find all luxury apartments and converted warehouses everywhere here. It is also one of the largest maritime trade hubs for all the containerized, automotive and general cargo. Here in this article, we are writing all about their history and preservation society.

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Below are some of the historical preservations of Melbourne:

  1. Ingles Street: It is a block built in 1860, which is parallel to the northern boundary between South Melbourne and Port Melbourne. Slowly and steadily, few houses were built in the cross streets like Crockford, Garton, Bay, Heath etc. Then came some shops, hotels like Flood gate, The Globe and Southern Cross. In the early 1860s, several toll booths were constructed to help to move goods from piers of Sandridge to Melbourne. 
  2. Bridge Street: This being one of the three streets which stretch across from east to west at Port Melbourne. It then crosses the light rail tracks and extends itself to the Fisherman’s Bend. This street ran across the western edge of the Sandridge Lagoon and went across the Melbourne to the Hobsons Bay railway track. 
  3. A corner shop: Before all these supermarkets and shopping malls were constructed, people at Port Melbourne were shopping at small local shops which were built next to their houses. And one such shop was located at the corner of Esplanade east and Spring street east. It was initially owned by Quinn and later on, was taken over by Bridget Nugent.
  4. Victor Lane Uniacke and Family: He was an engine driver who was working with the Melbourne and Hobson’s Bay Railway Company. He used to drive the train from Melbourne to Sandridge. His story was recorded by Margaret Nayban in 2006 and was written in the Port people database. Initially, Victor had been working as a Fireman and he was living at 57 Liardet Street. Later on, he moved to Ross Street. So, whenever he was at Graham Street, he would blow a whistle as an alarm to his mother that he would be coming home to pick up lunch. 

Melbourne is the most interesting place for people living here. Over the past few decades, this place has gone through intense urban renewal. Hence, this historic area has a lot to offer.