5 beautiful jewelry gifts to show your partner how much you love them

Although you can’t buy love, you can buy a gift for your lover to show them just how much you appreciate them being in your life. Below, we’ve rounded up some jewelry gift ideas that should give you food for thought and find something guaranteed to make them smile. 

A wristwatch

If you’re buying a gift for your boyfriend or husband, then you can’t go too far wrong than by buying them an attractive wristwatch. Watches make men look more professional, sexy, and sophisticated, and you don’t need to spend thousands to find a quality timepiece for your other half. Hiconsumption has put together a guide to the best wristwatches under $300 and recommends the timeless Timex MK1 Watch, the attractive Bertucci 12122 A-2T Titanium Field Watch, the Orient Mako II Automatic Dive Watch, or the Seiko SKX009K1 Automatic.

Birthstone ring

If you’re of Irish descent and want to give your partner something that will help them think of their homeland, then consider Claddagh ring birthstones, made from a beautiful sterling silver Claddagh ring with a birthstone attached. These rings allow your partner to reflect their Irish roots in a personalized way while throwing a bit of gemstone glamour into the mix, and they are ideal for celebrating friendship, loyalty and love, making the ultimate birthday gift.

Diamond necklace

In case you didn’t already know, diamonds are a girl’s best friend! Diamond necklaces are a real extravagance and though aren’t worn every day, make for the perfect eveningwear and look stunning when paired with a ballgown and some heels. Sure, these necklaces won’t come cheap, starting from $500 and going up to $5,000 depending on the size and shape of your diamond, but they allow you to prove to your other half just how much they mean to you and, whenever they wear their necklace, they’ll think of you, wherever they are in the world.

Silver bracelet

One of the most understated gift ideas, if you’re thinking about jewelry is a silver bracelet that your partner can wear day in, day out. Did you know that wearing silver bangles is not only a symbol of beauty but brings along endless benefits? Indeed, bangles are not only just an aesthetically pleasing accessory, but they are considered as the symbol of beauty and good luck, and silver bangles are known to fight infections and also help prevent cold and flu and many bacteria and viruses, though more substantive research on this is needed.

Engagement ring

Finally, if you’re serious about your partner and want to prove to them just how much you love them, then consider an engagement ring to seal the deal and take your relationship to the next level. Granted, this is on the extreme side and certainly won’t be for everyone, but if you’re in a serious relationship and want to go the extra mile, then it’s worth considering. We recommend speaking to your partner’s friends and parents before popping the question to help you find the very best ring for her fingers; something bound to make her cry with joy.

Let us know what you end up buying in the comments section below.