How to Load a Gift Card? Pro Guide

Perhaps you have an old card that you love, but it has run out of cash. Why pick a new card when you can reload it? Ways available to reload your card are online, in person, or through your customer account. 

Here are steps you can use to load your gift card. 

Reloading your card with a one-time transaction

Reloading using a customer care account

Setting up a recurring reload

Reloading Your Card with One Time Transaction

Visit the Business That Issue the Card

If a business that issued the gift card has a physical location, you can reload your card by visiting it. 

Take the Gift Card to A Cashier or Customer Care Desk

Ready the form of payment for the amount of money you want to be added to the gift card. Hand the gift card to the cashier or customer care agent and request him/her to reload your card. 

Visit the Website of The Card Issuer

Most businesses that give Nike gift cards have the option of reloading the card online.  Visit the business website that gave you the card and follow the guidelines for reloading a card using a credit, debit, or wire transfer. 

Reloading Using A Customer Care Account

Check If You Load Through Your Customer Account

If you have an online account, it is possible to reload the gift card through your customer account. 

Visit the Customer Login Website

If the card issuer has the option of reloading the card online, use a web browser to access your account on the website. Enter all the relevant information to access your customer account. 

Select Your Card

Some merchants allow for the storing of more than one psn gift cards on the customer account. Select the cards you would like to reload after logging in to your customer account. 

Enter Your Payment Information

This is the point you transfer money from the payment account into the gift cards. Fill the amount you would like reloaded into your card when prompted to. 


Setting Up A Recurring Reload

Check If You Can Set Up Recurring Reloads on Your Gift Cards

Some merchants allow for frequent reloading of the card automatically. This ensures that you maintain a balance in the Nike gift cards so you can keep using them. 

Set Up an Account with The Card Issuer

Visit the website and set up an auto-reload for your card. Create an account using an email address, name, and address. 

Enter the Payment Information Via the Website

Ensure that you have money transferred from your payment accounts into the gift cards at regular intervals. Enter all the relevant information on the website when prompted to. 

Choose the Interval for The Reloading Your Card

You may choose to have the card auto reloaded on a specific day of the week or month or when the card’s balance falls below a certain amount. Make sure you receive an email or message to confirm the reloading of your psn gift cards


Don’t discard an old gift card. Use these guidelines to reload it and continue enjoying a seamless shopping experience.